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Introduction: Arizona Process Server Excellence
A process server should be a seamless extension of your firm, delivering unparalleled service. Our commitment to process server excellence stands out; our Arizona process servers embody the highest standards of integrity and dependability. Only the best make the cut at Arizona Process Server Associates, undergoing rigorous background checks, a stringent three-level interview process, and signing a contract to uphold our ethical standards and use our service mobile app. Every new server, regardless of experience, receives personal training from our management team, mastering our methodologies and technology.

Serving Different Environments:

Business Locations:
When serving a business, first verify the Statutory Agent via the Secretary of State's website for the relevant state. Serving a Registered Agent can vary; it might be a corporation or an individual like an attorney or business owner. Businesses might relocate without updating their registered agent’s address, and some individuals may try to evade service.

Military Bases:
Serving documents on U.S. military bases is complex and time-consuming, ranging from three days to two weeks. Initially, we contact the Military Police (MP) on base, who then connect us with the Judge Advocate General (JAG). After JAG’s authorization, the MP escorts us or coordinates with the subject’s superior officer.

Inmate Service:
Serving inmates is generally straightforward but can be time-consuming. While most U.S. prisons permit process servers to serve inmates, some prefer the local sheriff. If the subject is in jail, verify the process with the specific facility. Please note that, however, this service is charged hourly due to potential delays..

Police Officers:
Most police stations require coordination with a sergeant or watch commander to make the officer available or appoint an agent to accept service on their behalf.

Nationwide Service:
At PSA, serving documents nationwide is as seamless as local service. We advance all fees, manage service timelines, adhere to civil procedure rules, and ensure quality control on affidavits and proof of service.

International Service:
We specialize in international process service under the Hague Service Convention, the Inter-American Convention on Letters Rogatory, and Letters Rogatory for non-convention countries. We handle document translation and certification, leveraging our extensive national and international network, positioning us as leaders in this niche.

Choose Arizona Process Server Associates for reliable and professional service. We guarantee integrity, rigorous vetting, and specialized training, ensuring your legal documents are served with the utmost care and precision.

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