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Serving an Arizona Eviction Notice

To kick off our, "What to Expect from Your Process Server" series, we are discussing the steps process servers take when serving an Arizona eviction notice. SERVING ARIZONA EVICTION NOTICE IS NOT A TASK YOU CAN DO YOURSELF. This is a process that requires the service of an experienced, certified Arizona process server who truly understands the Arizona law regarding the process of an eviction notice.

What to Expect From Your Process Server

Serving Arizona Eviction Notice (when tenant answers the door)

Once a Landlord has a court-stamped eviction notice (Forcible Detainer or Special Detainer) in hand, the landlord MUST move quickly because the Eviction Notice is time sensitive - The complaint must be personally served at least 2 days before the trial date. The trial date noted on the summons is typically only 3-6 days after the complaint is filed so time is of the essence in serving the action.

Physical Serve of Eviction Notice

When a Process Server approaches the door with an eviction notice, and the occupant answers the door; the process server will hand the eviction notice to the occupant. At this point the occupant/defendant is considered to have been ‘served’. The eviction notice will list the date and time of when the defendant is to appear in court.

Preparation of the Affidavit of Service

Next, the process server will prepare the Affidavit of Service which proves to the court that the defendant has been served. At this point, the Process Server will either file the signed Affidavit of Service with the court, or email/mail the signed affidavit to the Landlord to file.

Filing of Affidavit of Service

If the Process Server files the Affidavit of Service with the court, then the court will provide the process server with a stamped copy of the signed affidavit. The Process Server will then email/mail the landlord the court-stamped copy of the filed Affidavit of Service. Now, the landlord just waits for trial.

If the Process Server does not file with the court, then the process server will email/mail the original Affidavit of Service to the landlord for the landlord to file in court.

Need an Eviction Notice served in Arizona?

Check out our Arizona Eviction Notice page. When you work with Process Server Associates, LLC, you'll have peace of mind knowing your eviction notice is served properly.


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